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Q.        How long does a session last?
A.        60 minutes for individuals and couples.

Q.        Would I come to you?
A.        Yes.

Q.        Where are you? and is there disable access?
A.        The Old Police Station Mersey Road Runcorn WA7 1DF and there is full disable access, and free parking.

Q.        How often would I come to see you?
A.        Initially once a week, preferably the same day and time. However I can offer some flexibility to fit round other commitments i.e. shift workers, carers etc.

Q.        How many sessions will I need?
A.        This is very individual, and by mutual agreement.

Q.        How long would I have to wait to meet you?
A.        I respond quickly to enquiries and if you can be flexible on days and times, I can usually offer you an initial assessment within a week.

Q.        What qualifications do you have?
A.        Diploma in Counselling and I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and on the UKRCP

Q.        What experience do you have?
A.        I have trained and worked with COMPASS (Counselling on Merseyside Pastoral and Supportive Service, since 2004 I have been a volunteer Counsellor for  Chester Diocesan Counselling Service, since 2008 and previously for Halton Integrated Bereavement Service, for 3 years and I set up 3 H Counselling in 2007, in these settings I have helped people with many different issues such as bereavement . relationship problems, stress, anxiety, surviving abuse (physical, mental and sexual), sexuality, spirituality, self esteem, depression etc.

Q.        Is what I tell you confidential?
A.        Generally yes, however there are certain legal and ethical exceptions which will be explained to you prior to the start of Counselling.

Q.        Are you the right counsellor for me?
A.        Our first meeting is not a counselling session but a chance to meet, chat, ask questions and see how we get on. This should give you a better idea of whether a course of counselling with me is the right choice for you. A first meeting lasts for about 30 minutes and is free of charge on the understanding that we only progress to counselling sessions by mutual agreement.

Q.        What sort of people come to see you?
A.        All sorts of people with all sorts of problems! Women, men, young people, older people, married people, single people, divorced people, separated people, people of all ages, backgrounds, races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations.

Q.        What happens in a counselling session?
A.        You talk about anything that is on your mind or causing you distress.

Q.        Can I arrange counselling for someone else?
A.        Not really. there are times when we feel we want to help a friend, partner, husband, wife, son, daughter or other family member to deal with their problems and arranging counselling for them can seem like a good idea. However, for counselling to be successful it is preferable than the motivation comes from the individual. In the case of couples, both partners need to be committed to the counselling process.

Q.        What happens in a counselling session?
A.        Many people, understandably, are nervous about seeing a counsellor for the first time so I aim to provide a safe, confidential environment where you will be respected and not judged. You decide what your own, personal goals are for counselling, what issues you want to explore and the pace and content of each session. I will actively listen, reflect and provide constructive challenge to help and support you in achieving your goals